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You can't fix a broken system with outdated tools.

Join us as we create learning experiences for all students.

Inclusion-Focused Design is on a mission to create and produce learning experiences with an emphasis on equity, accessibility, and inclusion. With over 10 years of professional experience and a social justice mindset, IFD seeks to disrupt the way educational content is created in order to engage all learners, no matter their background or identity.




Creating equitable learning experiences

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We create high-quality educational content and collaborate with others in designing, developing, and delivering equitable learning experiences.

Our services include curriculum design, instructional design, accessibility auditing, as well as professional development on topics such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), project-based learning, game-based learning, and more.

We believe that every student deserves access to quality education.

We are committed to creating inclusive content that meets the needs of all students. Educators are the key change agents in creating more equitable societies, and we’re committed to helping them in this important work.



Instructional Design

Whether in-person or virtual, we design instructional content for sustainable change through successful talent development. Through a collaborative partnership, we work with clients to develop and deliver engaging, professional learning. By integrating research-proven instructional design theories as well as inclusive design principles, we strive to achieve robust learning experiences for all users.


eLearning Development

Focusing on learner-centered success, we design and develop custom eLearning experiences that close knowledge and skill gaps. Beginning with a needs assessment, the design process is tailored to meet the unique demands of any situation. We develop content with accessibility at the forefront to ensure the engagement of all learners.


Learning Technology Optimization

We seek to assist others with creating a plan to choose the correct technology that optimizes learning from engagement to deployment to measurement. Having our own set of standards and principles ensures that the technology being used is meeting the goals of inclusion and equity. In addition, we provide professional development services on topics such as UDL, game-based learning, digital storytelling, and more.


Content Review and Revision

Trained in web accessibility, culturally-responsive teaching, and Universal Design for Learning, our team specializes in reviewing instructional content to offer insights to create more inclusive and accessible learning experiences. We will review existing documents and online tools to ensure they meet accessibility standards, as well as provide guidance on how to ensure your content is free of bias, stereotypes, and offensive terms while still allowing for the expression of diverse ideas. 


Diversity and Inclusion Training

Feeling included in a group is pivotal for organizational success. Individuals who feel welcome are more likely to stay at an organization longer as well as be more productive. We offer training and consultation services that focus on raising individual awareness about organizational diversity as well as bias, prejudice, and bullying in the workplace. We strive to help others build a more inclusive environment while seeking to improve internal and external organizational relationships.


Web and Graphic Design

With an explicit focus on accessibility and usability, our team helps create a web presence that all individuals can use. By providing a wide range of web design services we can transform visions into realities. Through a collaborative relationship, we ensure that each of your ideas is incorporated at every step of the process.

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